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These are my original, offset printed cards of tropical or Pacific Northwest flowers.  You can still purchase them directly from me.  Please email me for an order form.  Thanks.
All cards are 4 1/8"x 5 7/8", printed on sturdy card stock, have glossy images, are blank inside, come with envelopes, and have ID and information on the back.

Tropical Trio 

Commonly called Lover's Lips

Largely a tropical plant family, melastomes contain "window pane" veins in their leaves. This species grows around the explosive Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.

Heliconia species, Native to tropical America

Related to the more familiar Bird-of-Paradise flower and valued for ornamental use, this bud was growing on a flower farm near Georgetown, Guyana
Family ORCHIDACEAE, Epidendrum granitic
or Encyclia granitica

A many-flowered, epiphytic orchid that overhung our swimming hole on a small, black-water tributary to the Partang River, in tropical forest near Imbaimadai, Guyana

Pacific Northwest Trio  

Prairie Smoke, Purple Avens, Old Man's Whiskers,
Geum triflorum

Native to sagebrush plains, mountain ridges and meadows of northern North America, prairie smoke earns this name from the feathery plumes that disperse seeds in the wind.

Red or Crimson Columbine, Aquilegia formosa,

Native to Pacific coast from Baja to southern Alaska. Pollinated by hummingbirds and butterflies. Called "red rain flowers" by the Haida and "grizzly-bear's den" by the Nuxalk.

Bunchberry or Dwarf Dogwood, Cornus canadensis

Among the smallest of the dogwoods, bunchberries provide a lush ground cover in moist forests across the northern tier of North America, from valley bottoms to subalpine areas.

Ordering Information

Cards come in 12-packs with 2 images of each design, with envelopes.
Special orders of just tropical or just PNW images are possible, as can a single image 12-packs.
Each 12-pack is $12.
As of February, 2020, shipping starts at $8.50 for 1-4 packs for priority delivery by US Post Office.

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